John 6:7 “Philip answered him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may take a little.”

…From yesterday…

Naaman was rich and powerful but was confronted by a situation that defiled money. When you reduce everything to money, you will be limited.

Philip reduced everything to money but Jesus had to change his perspective by letting him know that God can bypass money, human connection, efforts of men, human expertise and financial institutions in order to meet the need of the hour.

If you have to use money to buy everything you need in life and destiny, you are poor. On that faithful day, he proved to Philip and everybody that miracles, signs and wonders are not dependent on the availability of cash.

I have since discovered that the challenge most people have when it comes to receiving their miracles is that they already have a mindset of how their blessings will come. If you tell a civil servant that God will bless and promote him for instance; what readily comes to mind is that he or she will undergo a promotional examination, after three years, pass it and then get promoted.

That of course is the natural order; whereas there are people that got promoted about four times within the same three years span. Those are the people that enjoyed favour.

In life there are two lanes. The first is the normal and natural lane. The second is what I call the fast track. The latter are for those who knows how to lean on the everlasting arm of God for their miracles.

Philip was of the opinion that they should better go and work hard in order to have money to buy bread, which is the natural lane but Jesus showed him that there is another route. The fast lane is beyond human explanation and comprehension.

Friend, work hard but always leave room for the Divine. Let Jesus step into your affairs beyond your skills, technical knowhow and money.

Money is good, but having what can always generate money and every other thing is better. It is called the BREAD OF LIFE, the very Personality called CHRIST!

Love you BiG

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