Luke 24:26 “Ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory?”
Luke 24:26 “Don’t you see that these things had to happen, that the Messiah had to suffer and only then enter into his glory?” (MSG)
William Penn said: “No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.”
This was exactly what Jesus was pointing out to these folks on the way to Emmaus. They were probably wondering why the Lord would have to go through that painful death and torment, so Jesus pointed it out to them that there is a pathway to glory.
People don’t just arrive at beautiful destinations; they always have to overcome obstacles along the way. It is our ability to overcome the challenges that come against us that separates men from boys, success from failure, and progress from stagnation. 
There are pains on the pathway to glory, and the earlier we accept this, the better. If you see a general without scars from war, he is a fake! One of the things that make your victory credible are the failures and challenges you surmount along the way. 
A young soldier once asked a very senior retired officer why he always wears long-sleeved shirts. The general smiled and said, “If I wear short-sleeved shirts, your attention will be on the several scars on my hands, and you will not concentrate on what I am saying!”
The pathway to glory is usually not a bed of roses. Talking about roses, Alphonse Karr said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorns have roses.” 
We all have this choice to make because it is what will determine the outcome of our lives. You will never see a beautiful rose flower without thorns. The disciples couldn’t comprehend when Jesus made statements such as this:
Luke 14:27 “Whoever does not carry his own cross [expressing a willingness to endure whatever may come] and follow after Me [believing in Me, conforming to My example in living, and, if need be, suffering or perhaps dying because of faith in Me] cannot be My disciple.” (AMP)
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