Joshua 2:21 “And she said, According unto your words, so be it. And she sent them away, and they departed: and she bound the scarlet line in the window.”

Joshua 2:22 “And they went, and came unto the mountain, and abode there three days, until the pursuers were returned: and the pursuers sought them throughout all the way, but found them not.”

Rahab told the spies that they should go to the mountain and hide there for three days. She told them that as long as they stay there they’ll be safe and that was exactly what happened.

They were there for three days after which they returned to the camp of Israel. Between the time the spies returned to Joshua and the time they eventually came back to attack Jericho was close to two months if you do a little maths, because, before they came back to attack they still had to circumcise all the male children of Israel and waited for them to recover fully.

They left Jericho in Joshua chapter two and didn’t return to fight until Joshua chapter six. That was quite some time but what exactly is my point?

Rahab knew it will take them at least one week between the time they left and the time they returned but she did something interesting, immediately they left, she “bound the scarlet line in the window.”

She could have waited for maybe two days or even five and it would still have been fine but as they were leaving she tied the scarlet to the window. This woman was not just a lady of action, she did what needed to be done promptly. She didn’t delay or procrastinate. She could have dragged her feet and even instruct one of her servants to do it few days after but she did it without hesitation.

Rahab understood that it was a matter of life and death and she gave it the attention needed as at when due.

Many believers don’t have a problem with divine instructions, prayers, fasting and other ordinances, they only have problems with timing and setting out.

To be continued…

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