2Kings 6:5 “But as one was felling a beam, the axe head fell into the water: and he cried, and said, Alas, master! for it was borrowed.”

The axe head was the most precious tool being used by the sons of prophets. Without it they were helpless and stranded. But unfortunately it was lost while working.

The lost axe head is tantamount to their cutting edge. A cutting edge can be described as a most needed tool that enhances the efficiency of a man. It can conveniently be described as the most recent and advanced stage of development in a particular type of work or activity, with the newest systems, equipment and so on.

Cutting edge are also skillsets that stands you out from the crowd and keeps you way ahead of them. When your cutting edge is sharp you will be the most sort after person in your field. The reason men go for further studies, do career empowerment and capacity building is all in a bid to sharpen their cutting edge.

You cannot claim to have graduated from school thirty years ago and have never read anything new yet claim to be relevant in today’s marketplace. Knowledge is dynamic and yesterday’s wisdom might not be relevant today. If they give you a phone that was manufactured in 1999, you will not accept it because it cannot cope with today’s ever changing technology, so how do you think you will remain relevant if you don’t keep updating your own knowledge base?

God is not against sharpening our cutting edge and you must understand this:

Listen to David:

Psalms 78:72 “So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart; and guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.”

Note carefully that David didn’t just lead with integrity of heart. It says, “the integrity of his heart; AND guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.”

The word “and’ makes us understand that the two must be balanced in the life of every believer. In order words, no matter the job God has committed into our hands we must embrace continual improvement and development. Don’t be a lazy or lackadaisical believer.

To be continued…

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