1Samuel 17:16 “And the Philistine drew near morning and evening, and presented himself forty days.”

Friend, my counsel to you today is this: Make a move, stop allowing the devil waste your time.

In our focal scripture, we saw that Goliath didn’t attack them, he was just taunting them for forty days. Looking deeper into that scripture, we could see that he jeered at them morning and evening.

He will just show up in the morning, make noise, do same in the evening and go away. He kept doing it morning and evening. The morning period represent youthfulness, seed sowing, beginning and strength. The evening period represent maturity, harvest and result.

Goliath threatened their beginning or seed sowing time. He also showed up when they were supposed to have matured and get harvest. These are the antics of the devil. The devil is so skilled, focused and obsessed by his work but unfortunately most believers don’t know this.

Many believers listen to the devil, run away and take the path of least resistance. Each time the enemy shows up they run for cover, avoid him and wait till Goliath hibernate before coming out again.

The question is this: for how long will you keep running, get scared and avoid the enemy? The same enemy and fears you had five years ago are still very much with you, just that you have found a way round it rather than confronting it.

The voice of Goliath is the voice of a time waster. He has just come to harass, taunt, intimidate and demobilize you. He takes pleasure in watching you scamper every time he comes out. He keeps whispering to you that you will be sick, you will die, you will not recover and so on.

When will you confront that fear? The same challenges you had early in life are still with you now as you age, why do you keep listening to the devil without confronting him?

Friend, your time is precious, use it for something productive. Stand your ground against the enemy and stop his taunts.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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