John 6:12 “When they were filled he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost”

John 6:13 “Therefore they gathered them together and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten”

…From yesterday…

One spirit that works closely with the spirit of poverty is the spirit of wastage. You must beware of this destructive demon!

Wastage is the problem of many people. Wastage leads to poor management and unfaithfulness. It is this spirit that prevents men from gathering and saving. It keeps encouraging them to finish whatever is in their hands.

When Jesus told the disciples to gather the fragment that was left; to everyone’s amazement, they had twelve baskets left. You will never know the value of what you are wasting until you gather it.

I once read about a small boy that bought a piggy bank and decided to pick all the coins kept carelessly in the house and dropped them there. He did this consistently for some months and when he finally decided to break his piggy bank, he discovered he had close to four hundred dollars.

Friend, could it be that the capital you need for that business is already in your house?

When the disciples finished picking up the fragments, they had twelve baskets left. Twelve in Bible numerology is the number of divine government and new beginnings.

The fragments they picked filled twelve baskets meaning that the seed or resources they need to begin “something new” is already hidden in their last miracle! It shows that in every bread given there is seed. That is why seeds always look tiny or in fragments but within it lies the power to activate a new life.

I want you to learn this wisdom and settle down today. Take an audit of your life, write down the fragments of talents, money and other items you have been leaving to waste.

It will surprise you that all the capital you need for your next miracle has been lying dormant in your house! Pick them up and let the new begin, Selah!

Love you BiG

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