Luke 17:18 “There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger.”

Luke 17:19 “And he said unto him, Arise go thy way thy faith hath made thee whole”

The statement of Jesus shows us that the ten lepers were all healed but were not “made whole”; that’s very interesting. Even though the healing took place, they were not yet restored back to the original body condition.

Leprosy is a tropical disease mainly affecting the skin and nerves that can cause tissue change and, in severe cases, loss of sensation and disfigurement. Many leprous people lose their fingers, toes and sometimes other parts of the body depending on the severity.

These ten lepers had varying types of disfigurement as a result of years of leprosy but when they followed the instruction of Jesus, they were healed.

Many people that suffered from leprosy who later got healed couldn’t do what normal people do. Many have lost the usage of several parts of their body and even though they were healed they needed support of others to live a normal life. Some needed men to bath them, feed them and do other chores.

Many healed lepers also suffer from stigmatization due to the side effects of the disease. These were the challenges those guys confronted after they were healed.

However, the one leper that went back to give thanks got something special in addition; he was made whole!

The word “whole” as used here means complete, unbroken, not damaged, unimpaired, not wounded, not impaired, or incapacitated.

This simply means that, every trace of leprosy was eliminated from his body. He was restored back to normalcy in all ramification. Missing body parts (if any) were restored. He also regained the full use of every part of his body. When you see him, it was as if he had never had leprosy.

Friend, every time you approach God in praise and worship, He always add something to you. You can never thank God and remain the same. Know that there is always more where whatever God gave to you came from.

Don’t short change yourself, let God make you whole. There is always a “space” in the life of man that only thanksgiving can fill!

Love you BiG

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