John 6:5 “When Jesus then lifted up his eyes, and saw a great company come unto him, he saith unto Philip, Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat”

What can you see? Your perception determines what will ultimately get into your hands! Many people look but very few see, and among those that see, very few see greatness!

Jesus was not alone at that place; he had Peter, James, John, Andrew and Philip to mention a few, but they didn’t see what Jesus saw. His disciples saw men that are hungry, tired and helpless. They saw hungry folks that should be sent away but not Jesus.

The disciples looked at the people but couldn’t see anything meaningful. Jesus on the other hand lifted up his eyes and the Bible says; he “saw a great company come unto him”.

Put differently, all Jesus saw was a great company that was about to happen! He saw beyond the tired faces of those men into their future. All he saw was greatness. He saw well fed, able bodied men coming to him.

The Bible says, “Jesus lifted up his eyes”, before he could decode the greatness that was coming to him, he had to lift up his eyes. This means that, he stopped looking around but rather looked up. This is indicative of prayer and receiving divine revelations.

Every time you lift up your eyes to heaven, God drops a great vision into your spirit. Perhaps, the reason you’ve been seeing smallness is because you’ve been looking around rather than looking up. God is the creator of all things; He knows what He has kept within each one of His creations and creatures potentially.

The earlier you start lifting up your eyes, the earlier you start seeing greatness. Nothing is small, everything is limited by the vision of the man that has it. Where man saw Adam and Eve, God saw the whole human race.

The word “Adam” simply means “mankind”. In order words, God saw the over seven billion people presently on earth inside Adam.

God saw a “great company” inside Adam and what He saw is still unfolding, thousands of years after. What can you see?

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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