1Kings 17:14 “For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste neither shall the cruse of oil fail until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth.”

Here is the tricky part, after every instruction is our prophecy. God is not a task master, when our obedience is complete, a miracle is triggered. He is not asking for a commitment on our part and then shy away from his own part.

When Elijah saw the reluctance on the part of the widow to obey God, he showed her the attendant blessing and prophecy. The prophet painted the picture of the future for her.

Friend, before you complain about obeying a spiritual law or instruction, check out the prophecy and attached blessings. You will discover at the end of the day that it is not about God, it is all about you.

If you refuse to give to God, He cannot be poor. He owns the whole world including whatever you release to him. He doesn’t need your permission to take it, he only gives you a privilege to partner with him.

God doesn’t need to be blessed, He is Blessing personified. You are the one that needs a miracle. Whether you give or not doesn’t change God, it only changes you and your financial status.

Beloved, there is a prophecy that has gone ahead of us in the scriptures for every aspect of our lives and we must run the script of our lives by that prophecy.

I know resources can never run dry in my hands because I am smart enough to believe 1Kings 17:14. The good thing about Bible prophecies is that you and I can personify and believe them.

That’s one remarkable thing about the Bible. God is no respecter of persons but He respects and upholds His principles and prophecies.

So, if you tell yourself that your resources cannot run dry based on “Your Prophecy” in 1Kings 17:14, heaven gets committed to you. We suffer in life because there is a prophecy we are yet to believe, declare and appropriate.

The question is this: What is/are your prophecies? Have you searched the scriptures to locate them?

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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