1 Kings 17:9 “Arise get thee to Zarephath, which belongeth to Zidon, and dwell there: behold, I have commanded a widow woman there to sustain thee.”

Here is a part I love so much; the Lord did not advise the widow woman to sustain Elijah, neither did He give her a suggestion. God commanded her! In order words, she was coerced, compelled or even forced.

Beloved, I have news for you, there is something called a “commanded blessing”, it is such a blessing that have no choice but to gravitate towards you. Even the people that holds it have no choice but to release it.

It doesn’t matter who is holding unto what God has promised you, they must release it. Those holding your success, next level, business, finances, promotion and breakthrough must release it. Your commanded blessing will no longer be delayed in Jesus name.

All what God was doing by sending Elijah to Zarephath was to prepare ground for the commanded blessing. The purification, refining and pursuit were all geared towards his sustenance. There is a commanded blessing ahead of you and you must get it.

If anybody is to sustain Elijah, naturally it cannot be such a widow woman. There are multi-millionaire widows who could easily sustain Elijah but this woman clearly does not fall into that category. She and her son had only one meal left, so releasing it was definitely not an option but she did eventually.

She released it because she had been commanded! Friend, God has commanded some people concerning your situation and today, you will meet them in Jesus name. They will have no choice but to help you.

All you need do is to recognize them and for your paths to cross. Once you obey God, you cannot but walk into commanded blessings. You however need discernment to know your helpers and not commonize them, no matter how they look.

I pray for you today; as you step out, you will walk into commanded blessings. Sons of men will not deny you your portion in Jesus name.

You and the people that carry what you need and need what you carry will meet in Jesus name.

Love you BiG

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