1 Kings 17:8 “And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying”

…From yesterday…

Beloved, it doesn’t matter for how long you talk in prayer, until He speaks you must keep the communication channel open.

It is what He says that gives direction, reveals actions and determines solutions. Don’t be a believer that just go to the place of prayer and comes back boasting about the number of hours he has prayed but yet couldn’t say in specific terms what God said.

In the place of prayer; listen for instructions, be attentive to learn, be watchful for what to do next. That is the secret to getting out of the “dried brooks” of life. A man that is broke doesn’t need money first, he needs an instruction that will culminate in an action that to will lead to an answer.

Many people just want a quick fix solution to their problems but God is more interested in giving a lasting solution via His word. His plan is to make us totally dependent on Him, no matter the situation and circumstance. Your next instruction might not be the same as the last one.

God cannot be kept in a bottle nor limited, He is very expressive and dynamic. Jesus healed several blind people but with different techniques. He laid hands on some, asked some others to go wash in the river and commanded the spirit of blindness out of others.

If Jesus had not mastered the act of listening to the “sayings” of the Father he might have become stranded. Miracles are real and very much available but are carefully woven around His instructions.

The word of God is simply a book of information, but we must wait upon the Person of the Holy Spirit to give us the revelation from it, that will turn to instructions that produces solutions.

Don’t be a prayer warrior without results. It is good to pray for long hours but it is much better to know how to receive his “sayings”.

Result is not in the longevity of our prayers but in the relevance of the instructions we receive and use, never forget that!

Love you BiG

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