Nehemiah 6:15 “So the wall was finished in the twenty and fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty and two days.”

We have been meditating on the account of Nehemiah for over two months now and have considered several things. We have seen the challenges he had with his own principal, king Artaxerxes, we saw the laborious journey he had to make.

We have seen the several ceaseless attacks from Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, Geshem the Arabian and several others.

We saw how they needed to protect themselves from those enemies. We saw the strategic way they went about the construction and several other challenges.

But, Friend, I am glad to announce to you that despite all those challenges, Nehemiah and his team finished the work!

As massive as the assignment was, they didn’t just finish it, they finished it in record time. They set out to finish it in fifty two days and so it was. In exactly fifty two days, the walls and the gates were standing.

I’m glad to announce to you that whatever you have set out to do will be finished. You will not have an abandoned project in Jesus name. The completers anointing will rest upon the work of your hand in Jesus name.

You will do the impossible and the miraculous. The Lord God of heaven will hold you by the hand; working with you and through you. Nehemiah had help and so will you in Jesus name.

Nehemiah had all the resources he needed in the exact quantity and quality and so will you in Jesus name. You will not borrow or beg in the place of your assignment. You will enjoy showers of blessings. What is denied others will be given to you on a platter.

Guess what?

Nehemiah finished the building in fifty two days. Fifty two weeks make a year! I have news for you: No matter the ranting of the enemy you will finish this year with a plum. This year will not see your end in Jesus name.

Everything you have set as a vision will be achieved in record time in Jesus name, Amen.

Beloved, get to work and finish it!

Love you BiG

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