Nehemiah 4:1 “But it came to pass, that when Sanballat heard that we builded the wall, he was wroth and took great indignation and mocked the Jews.”

…From yesterday…

So here are the three phases of the operation of the sanballat spirit:

  1. Mockery 2. Anger 3. Outright conspiracy and attack

This spirit has just one mission, hinder and stop the man and the work will stop. Once these three combination of the sanballat spirit comes against a man who is not conscious of the fact that he is under attack, he will definitely lose out.

Friend, many people are not even born again not because they don’t want to but because they are afraid of mockery. Many people have this notion that they will feel odd among their pairs and will be laughed at if they profess Christ. That is the lie the devil has sold to them using the sanballat spirit.

Some other people are afraid of taking a stand for Jesus or even pursue their assignment and purpose in life because they feel they will get their close allies angry. Many will rather stay “unsaved” than experience the wrath of their boss, friends’ et al.

I have seen people fall victims of conspiracy and attacks just because they stand for the truth. These are all nothing but the activities of the sanballat spirit and I believe that is why the Lord is exposing it to us through this meditation.

If you study the account of how Jesus ended up on the cross carefully you will see these three activities in play. They mocked him and his ministry but he didn’t quit. They even called him and ordinary carpenter but that couldn’t dissuade him.

They got angry with him and eventually conspired against him but yet they couldn’t prevent him from becoming the King of kings, Lord of lords and him obtaining a name that is higher than every other name.

Friend, the activities of the sanballat spirit is too small to stop you. Don’t you ever give in to his tactics.

Your ability to understand this sanballat phenomenon will determine if you will fail or succeed. In our subsequent meditations, we will look at how Nehemiah handled him.

Love you BiG

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