1Samuel 11:10 “sent word to Nahash: “Tomorrow we’ll give ourselves up. You can deal with us on your terms.””

1Samuel 11:11 “Long before dawn the next day, Saul had strategically placed his army in three groups. At first light they broke into the enemy camp and slaughtered Ammonites until noon. Those who were left ran for their lives, scattering every which way.” (MSG)

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After sending the message, the next thing Saul and his men did was to go the camp of the Ammonites at night. He then divided his men into three companies (I believe this represents the tripartite nature of God).

Once they did that, they waited patiently and carefully until it was almost dawn when the enemies were deeply asleep and then struck with a deadly blow.

The Bible says they fought and slew the Ammonites from before dawn to around noon and completely routed them. Saul and his rag stacked Israeli men, most of them peasants and farmers destroyed the well trained, heavily armed and properly organized army of Nahash. That is what strategy can do!

In the same way, Jesus died on the cross and the devil thought it was over. He felt he will hold him captive forever not knowing it was all part of the divine plan to set mankind free once and for all!

Friend, you may be down and thinking it’s all over, I want you to know that all that is happening around you is part of the divine strategy to get you to where God want you to be. Everything will fit together and make sense for you soon.

I want you to hold on and trust God in the midst of the confusion, He will come through for you.

Another thing you must do is this:

Proverbs 24:6 “Strategic planning is the key to warfare; to win, you need a lot of good counsel.” (MSG)

You must pray and ask for a strategic plan. Let God the Master Strategist give you a plan of action. He told Joshua to match round the wall of Jericho seven times for seven days.

Beloved, you need more than strength, guts and talents to win battles, you need a strategy!

Love you BiG

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