1Samuel 11:9 “And they said unto the messengers that came Thus shall ye say unto the men of Jabeshgilead, To morrow, by that time the sun be hot, ye shall have help. And the messengers came and shewed it to the men of Jabesh; and they were glad”

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Beloved, God will not bring you into a future where He will be absent. The breaking of a new day is an indication that help is already available. Hear what God told Jeremiah about David:

Jeremiah 33:20 “”GOD says, ‘If my covenant with day and my covenant with night ever fell apart so that day and night became haphazard and you never knew which was coming and when,”

Jeremiah 33:21 “then and only then would my covenant with my servant David fall apart and his descendants no longer rule…” (MSG)

When you understand that scripture your mind will always be at rest. God swore that as long as there is day and night, his covenant will not be broken, and we know that it is the rising and setting of the sun that determines day and night.

It therefore implies that once you wake up and the sunrises, every covenant of God for you will come to pass; covenant of divine help, health, wealth, progress and so on. I want you to always wake with this consciousness and you will never be helpless in Jesus name.

Saul said; “say unto the men of Jabeshgilead, To morrow, by that time the sun be hot, ye shall have help”.

In our previous meditation, we saw that the word Jabeshgilead means “heap of testimony”. I want you to know that the help of God will show up to enforce your victories and convert your prayer points into testimonies.

The breaking of each new day is a proof that God’s covenant with you is still valid, hallelujah! Nobody, not even the devil can stop the sun from showing up in your tomorrow, so no enemy can stop help and assistance from getting to you.

Friend, your tomorrow is beautiful and colourful. God is there already! Help is on the way!

Love you BiG

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