Mark 2:3 “And they come unto him, bringing one sick of the palsy, which was borne of four.”

Mark 2:4 “And when they could not come nigh unto him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay.”

…From yesterday…

The world has been running for thousands of years none stop because of the ingenuity of God.

Man gives the plant carbon dioxide to survive and they in turn give us oxygen! God has not created another set of water since creation, yet we still have water and rain. The same water Adam, Eve, Abraham, Jesus, Paul and all others drank is still the same one we are drinking and using today.

God simply created a perfect water cycle, that is creativity at its peak.

Creativity talks about ingenuity or inventiveness. It is the ability to do ordinary things in an extraordinary manner. Somebody said, “It is seeing what every other person has seen but thinking a different thought”. Creativity is the ability to think outside the box. It is solving an old problem in a new way.

Creativity challenges the concept of business as usual and removes limitations that have hitherto stopped men. I once saw a great painting that fetched the painter a fortune; I took time to observe it carefully and discovered something interesting.

I noticed that all the painter did was arrange our regular shapes of squares, rectangle, triangle and so on in a very ingenious way. The same shapes we play around with were arranged in such a way that it has fetched the painter millions.

Beloved, when they tell you there is no way, what they are simply saying is that it’s time for you to creatively make yours. Don’t ever see such “No” as a dead end, get creative.

Ask God for a creative idea in prayer today. If not for creativity, Jacob would have died as a poor slave in Laban’s house.

Friend, it is high time you generate new ideas in the place of prayer. Go and uncover the roof!

Love you BiG

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