Mark 2:3 “And they come unto him, bringing one sick of the palsy, which was borne of four.”

The third component for balancing the stretcher is what I call compassion or love. The truth is that, one of the things that really motivates us to act is love. When you ask most people why they’re doing what they’re doing or why they want to achieve a particular goal, they tell you “it’s because I love it”.

Compassion is a driving force that is needed to successfully accomplish any given task. A man that is passionate about his mission will not easily be discouraged.

This man’s four friends had so much compassion for him. They love to see him up and running, going about his daily routines just like them and like he has always done. When your compassion is involved in a task, you are always ready to go the extra mile.

Here is a scripture I love so much about compassion:

Genesis 29:20 “And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.”

Friend, when love or your compassion is involved in a task, seven years will seem like seven days but if not, seven minutes will seem like seven years!

Hear this:

Galatians 5:6 “If you are a follower of Christ Jesus, it makes no difference whether you are circumcised or not. All that matters is your faith that makes you love others.” (CEV)

Galatians 5:6 ”…The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” (NIV)

Galatians 5:6 “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. All that matters is faith, expressed through love.” (BSB)

Paul showed us clearly in Galatians that even our faith must be love based! These four guy’s faith was released on the platform of love.

This was exactly what God did for mankind in John 3:16! They so much love their friend that they gave up their own comfort, took the needed risk and made great sacrifices to get their friend back to full health.

Friend, is your passion involved in what you’re currently doing?

Love you BiG

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