Mark 2:2 “A crowd gathered, jamming the entrance so no one could get in or out. He was teaching the Word.”(MSG)

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Acts 13:6 “But Elymas the sorcerer (for so is his name by interpretation) withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith.”

Sergius Paulus was the vice president of a country and he sent for Barnabas and Paul himself. He wanted having what they have to offer which is the word of God but then there was a door blocker on the way.

They call him Elymas the sorcerer who operated by a “withstanding” spirit. He was not just blocking the door of Barnabas and Paul but that of Sergius Paulus as well. His mission was to prevent Paul from giving what he wanted to give and also prevent the vice president from getting what he needed.

He couldn’t meet the need of the vice president neither does he have what Barnabas and Saul carried but he was strategically positioned by the devil to block the flow.

Elymas was operating by the demonic spirit of manipulation and witchcraft. His mission was to keep both parties stagnated. He wanted to paralyse or put palsy on their desires.

Friend, you will meet them in your offices, at the workplace and at the place of business. They are real people and some of them are well known to you even though you might not be aware of their mission.

I have met people who are just happy because something good is about happening to their friends or colleagues. I have seen people who said they lost a business deal or job opportunities because they didn’t receive the information on time only to discover that their so called friends have been privy to that information but simply refused to divulge it to them on time.

Since it doesn’t benefit them directly, why should others benefit from it? So, they feel they should hold on to it. That is a manifestation of this spirit.

If you’re found of getting angry or winking your nose at the success, progress or happiness of others, the spirit of Elymas has caught up with you!

To be continued…

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