Luke 14:2 “And, behold there was a certain man before him which had the dropsy.”

Luke 14:2 “All of a sudden a man with swollen legs stood up in front of him.” (GNB)

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Here is the good news: It is so easy because right where you are now, you can just bow in prayer and suddenly like this man appear before Jesus! He is as a matter of fact waiting for you!

Know this also, no man appears before Jesus in prayer and returns the same. Rather than running after men who themselves are limited, seek audience with the Master!

I also inferred from our focal scripture that the man with the dropsy was not just a visitor in the house of that chief Pharisee, he must have been going there without his problem going away until that faithful day.

Beloved, you may have been going to places seeking for solution but until you meet with Jesus, that problem won’t go away. It takes a personal, definite and working knowledge of Jesus to break the yoke of the enemy in your life.

The moment you have audience with him, he helps you out. Don’t go to church because you have to, as a religious concern, go there to meet with Jesus. He is the custodian of solutions himself.

Let me quickly show you something that happens when we pray:

Luke 9:29 “While he was in prayer, the appearance of his face changed and his clothes became blinding white.” (MSG)

Luke 9:29 “And as He was praying, the appearance of His countenance became altered (different), and His raiment became dazzling white flashing with the brilliance of lightning].” (AMP)

As Jesus himself prayed on this occasion, his appearance changed. He was literally transformed. Friend, could it be that your appearance have refused to change because you have not engaged the force of prayer?

Situations and circumstances bows to a man who can bow to his Maker. When you meet Jesus, obstacles becomes possibilities. Prayer is a sure transportation system that nothing can hinder.

You can suddenly appear before the Lord of the universe if you can pray, why not take advantage of this Now?

Love you BiG

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