Luke 14:2 “And, behold there was a certain man before him which had the dropsy.”

Luke 14:2 “All of a sudden a man with swollen legs stood up in front of him.” (GNB)

I read our focal scripture over and over wondering how this man suddenly appeared before the Master. We saw from our previous meditation that he “was just there”. How he got there was not vividly described but what matters the most was his sudden appearance before the Master.

Somehow, that faithful day became his day of glory because he came before his Maker and Healer. His condition makes it look impossible for him to come, but he came.

Here is the inspiration the Holy Ghost gave me; the very thing that can transport a man from whatever condition and wherever he finds himself to a place of help and audience with Jesus suddenly, is called prayer.

The most potent means of transportation to the realm of God is prayer. It doesn’t matter how weak, immobile and stagnated a condition might have kept a man, he can change location in the spirit through prayers!

Prayer is a means of breaking into the protocol of heaven uninvited. You remember the woman with the issue of blood just appeared before the Master and as it were “stole” her miracle!

Beloved, I also want you to know that like this man, you can easily find yourself before the Master without seeking anybody’s permission! The host of Jesus that day was a chief Pharisee but he couldn’t stop the man from his miracles.

Prayer disables obstacles while getting you to your miracles! Prayer is a force in the realm of the spirit that nothing can stop. It is a spiritual transport system that can move you from where you are to where you needed to be!

Here is the good news: It is so easy because right where you are now, you can just bow in prayer and suddenly like this man appear before Jesus! He is as a matter of fact waiting for you!

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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