Joshua 3:15 “And as they that bare the ark were come unto Jordan, and the feet of the priests that bare the ark were dipped in the brim of the water, (for Jordan overfloweth all his banks all the time of harvest,)”

Many people fall into error and make grave mistakes not because they didn’t pray, but most times because they acted at their own time. In the agenda of heaven there is a time for everything.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time…”

The above scripture shows that if you act outside this designated time, your miracles will not materialize or look ugly. If you wear a winter clothe during summer, you’ll definitely look odd.

Now, where am I going with all this? In our focal scripture, we saw clearly that God didn’t ask them to cross the Jordan at a time that humanly speaking will be easy. He ask them to move and cross at the time when “…Jordan overfloweth all his banks”.

Joshua 3:15 “…The water in the river had risen over its banks, as it often does in springtime…” (CEV)

When I was meditating on this piece, what came to my mind was that; why will God ask them to cross when the river has overflown its banks, moreover they’ve spent forty years already so waiting few more months for the water to go down shouldn’t harm them.

Friend, timing is critical to God’s plan. The only time anything you do in life and destiny comes out beautifully is when it is within heaven’s specified time. Hear what Jesus said:

John 2:4 “Jesus said, “Is that any of our business, Mother–yours or mine? This isn’t my time. Don’t push me.””(MSG)

Jesus was telling them here that there is an appointed time to do things. If you try to push yourself or jump ahead of your time, you’ll end up in frustration and shame.

If a baby decides to jump out of the womb before nine months, he’ll be aborted!

To be continued…

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