Joshua 3:3 “And they commanded the people, saying, When ye see the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it.”

Joshua 3:3 “shouting, “When you see some of the priests carrying the sacred chest, you’ll know it is time to cross to the other side. You’ve never been there before, and you won’t know the way, unless you follow the chest…” (CEV)

We live in a world where so many inventions have made our journeys easy. When going to a new place, you can almost find your way through, without a human help if you can use certain tools well. I’ve been to new places and the only way I succeeded in finding my way was through the help of such tools.

Those tools come in handy in bailing us out of difficult situations. We have compasses and of course the ever reliable Google Map and Navigation systems. It is almost “impossible” to get lost when these tools are handy.

I always say this is the best time to be alive. We have technology and information at our disposal like never before.

But, then, have you ever wondered how the Israelites find their way in the wilderness? If you’ve ever seen a Desert before in real life or on TV, you’ll agree with me that traveling through that path even with the aid of technology won’t be bread and butter.

Can you imagine how “easy” it will be moving through hundreds of kilometers of sand and dust in every direction? Such was the plight of these folks. They even had a big river, the River Jordan to cross.

Friend, you may think you have technology to navigate every place on earth but those are physical locations. The world is not just physical but spiritual as well. How do you navigate the journey of life? What technology or Mapping system can you use?

How did the children of Israel find their way through an arid desert? How can we find our way through life?

To be continued…

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