Joshua 1:5 “There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

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Like we said earlier, situations and contrary circumstances of life may not like you and may even wish to stop and frustrate you but one thing they cannot resist is the very Personality of God that is with you!

You don’t really need to know many things as you begin a new year, new month, new job, venture and business or even a new career or pursuit; all you need know is that God’s presence is with you.

Knowing, appropriating and acknowledging this truth is enough to undergo any venture under heaven. Now, I understand why Moses made certain prayers:

Exodus 33:12 “And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up this people: and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name, and thou hast also found grace in my sight.”

Exodus 33:14 “And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.”

Exodus 33:15 “And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence.”

Moses entered into a prayer of intercession with God. He knew that the terrain they were about to step into is a dangerous one. He knew the evils on the way since he has had a desert experience for forty years himself. So, he asked God whom He would send with him. Without mincing words God told him, He will send a personality with him called “Divine Presence.”

Moses simply responded that if His presence go not with them, they won’t move an inch. Beloved, you rely too much on your intelligence, technical know-how, connections or even fat bank account that is why things have refused to yield results for you.

Obstacles don’t fear your face, they have no regard for your money, they only respect and bow before the aura of the Presence that is with you.

To be continued…

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