Esther 2:10 “Esther had not shewed her people nor her kindred: for Mordecai had charged her that she should not shew it.”

A father is an instructor. One of the things that eventually saved Esther from death and the wicked plot of Haman was this particular instruction that Mordecai gave to her.

While Haman was planning against Mordecai and the Jews, he never knew that he was also planning against the Queen. All along he didn’t know the queen was also Jewish. If he had known that Esther was also a Jew he would have used another strategy.

A father might not give you all the details behind an instruction so you just have to trust his judgement and simply obey. If Esther had disobeyed that singular instruction, their might not have been a way of escape for them all.

A father is a coach, he doesn’t just teach you, he gives you orders. Coaches are tough and firm. The instructions they give you most times will not be easy and comfortable but know that your life depends on them.

Friend, don’t have a mentor or father you cannot obey or submit to. If you cannot follow his instructions and guidelines quit the relationship. Jesus Christ came to the world and showed us the fathering pattern, hear him:

John 14:31 “But so the world might know how thoroughly I love the Father, I am carrying out my Father’s instructions right down to the last detail…” (MSG)

Jesus carried out his Father’s instructions to the last detail, no wonder he was a success story. Esther did same and became a success story as well, you cannot follow instructions and fail in life and destiny.

Prover4:1 “Hear, ye children, the instructions of a father, and attend to know understanding.”

Solomon also became a great king because he followed the instructions of his father David.

I must however let you know that following instruction calls for humility and sacrice on your part, so hear it, understand them and follow them!

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