Esther 2:11 “And Mordecai walked every day before the court of the women’s house, to know how Esther did, and what should become of her.”

2. A father is not as concerned about your results as much as he is in your process. He always checks to make sure your process is correct and that instructions are well followed.

You father knows that if you “jump up you will come down but if you grow up you will stay up”; so he makes sure you grow up properly. He wants to check your foundation to be sure that when the wind of life blows against it, you will not crumble.

Many people arrived at the place of glory using all manner of demonic processes and schemes because there was nobody to tell them that what they were doing was wrong in the first place. Many built on faulty foundations and their lives have fallen apart.

A process is a series of actions directed towards a specific aim. You may bypass process to achieve success but on the long run it will show.

In our focal scripture, we could see that on a daily basis, Mordecai always go through the court of the women’s house to know how Esther was fairing. He always ask questions to be sure she is yielding to correct process and cooperating with her trainers.

Esther 2:11 “Every day Mordecai would walk back and forth in front of the courtyard of the harem, in order to find out how she was getting along and what was going to happen to her.” (GNB)

Mordecai had his own job but he was doing the “job” of making sure Esther succeeds properly as well. He took it upon himself to check up on Esther’s process and progress daily.

Friend, let me sound this: Give your father the opportunity to always tell you all that is in his mind! Give him that place in your life which you don’t give to others.

Make yourself correctable. Give him the opportunity to “spank” you (not literally) if need be.

To be continued…

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