Proverbs 13:23 “Much food [is in] the tillage of the poor: but there is [that is] destroyed for want of judgment.”

Proverbs 13:23 “The poor might have good land that produces plenty of food, but bad decisions can take it away” (ERV)

A major bane of the poor is what King Solomon called “want of judgment”.

He told us that it is not as if surplus or abundance is not given or made available to the poor man, the main issue is that he will self-destruct. He uses his own hands to destroy the wealth and abundance.

The phrase “want of judgment” simply means lacking the ability to make informed and correct decisions or simply making bad decisions consistently. We have seen and read several stories of men who eventually became poor in our world due to this singular factor.

We have read stories of young men who inherited riches and great wealth only for them to gamble it all away. The worst thing a man can do to himself is to keep making bad and uninformed decisions.
A poor man lacks the logic and mental act of making or understanding a positive or negative proposition about something. A poor man doesn’t always think things through. He makes very quick decisions without proper consultations.

I once read the true-life story of a young man as told by Mike Murdock. This young man was asked by his father what gift he would like to be given on his graduation. His father then went ahead and gave him two choices.

He told him to choose between the current series of the Mercedes Benz car or a large parcel of land located somewhere in the outskirts of town. The young man thought and consulted with few friends before finally going back to his dad and asked for the latest car.

He was given the car with which he celebrated his graduation with his friends by organizing parties and driving round town. They literally painted the town “red” as it were! He really had a nice time and “great joy”.

Several years down the line, the “latest” Mercedes Benz became “old modelled” and had to be sold off as scrap.

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