Proverbs 19:4 “Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbour.”

Proverbs 19:4 “The rich have many friends; the poor have none.” (CEV)

A wise man said; “Your network determines your net worth”. Another excruciating problem of the poor is poor network or lack of network.

The type of people you surround yourself with can radically change your life for the best or vice versa. A rich man knows how to carefully choose men that can take him from where he is to where he needed to be.

When Jesus came to the earth, he was hundred percent God and hundred percent man. He was the same Jesus that created the whole world in the beginning, the same One that the whole world bows to but when he got to the earth to start the work of redemption, the first thing he did was to build a network!

If God needed a network of humans to run a successful redemption campaign, we cannot be exempted from the same process.

What is a network?

A network is a system of people or a large and widely distributed group of people that can help you achieve your dreams. A network communicates with one another and work together as a unit or system in achieving a common goal.

Usually, a poor man has very poor networks or linkages. He is an isolated figure who has no one to assist him. A wise man said, “When God want to help a man, He introduce him to another man who can bail him out of his mess.”

Relationships are powerful and can radically change the life of a man but the issue is this, many people don’t understand how to unlock and maximize it. It takes a man to introduce another man to the palace.

Beloved, at every junction of your life, you need to do an audit of the people you flock with. Make sure there are people who can help you both physically and spiritually to achieve your dreams.

Be meticulous about your network, don’t flock around men who are going nowhere!

Love you BiG

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