Proverbs 21:17 “He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.”

So, what are these negative thought patterns and habits that impoverishes a man?

The first thing I want us to see about the poor man is that he loves pleasure. This may look odd but it’s definitely a truth we cannot overlook.

I once watched an interview in which different people were asked what they will do if they suddenly got five million in cash for free and I heard some of the most appalling answers. One that really baffled me was a motor cycle rider.

When asked, he said, “He’ll throw parties and eat a lot of “suya” (a local meat delicacy)”. When you check it in line with this scripture, you’ll understand why he was actually poor! He loves pleasure.

The word pleasure as used in our focal scripture means “merry making”, “sensual gratification”. It is a desire to always want to satisfy and gratify our senses or flesh.

You see people that want to be rich just to be able to buy new clothes to oppress their fellow men. A man whose desire is just to buy a car so that people will know he has also “arrived”.

This pleasure, according to our focal scripture also includes “loving wine.” A poor man that loves pleasure will always want to consume alcohol; their thought is how to satisfy their lusts.

Wealth sure provides comfort and pleasure but they are byproducts not the in-thing. If pleasure is your focus, even if you make the money, it won’t last!

I want you to sit back and honestly ask yourself these questions, “Why do I really want to be rich?” “Are my desires strictly that of pleasure?”

Friend, some secret thoughts could be the reason why you’ve not attracted the kind of wealth you want. If that is your challenge, ask the Lord to help purify your thought and desires.

Never forget that a man that loves pleasure will be poor. God withholds riches from such fellows. May your desires not keep wealth and riches away from you in Jesus name!

Love you BiG

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