Judges 11:2 “And Gilead’s wife bare him sons; and his wife’s sons grew up and they thrust out Jephthah, and said unto him, Thou shalt not inherit in our father’s house; for thou art the son of a strange woman.”

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When you understand the tactics of the enemy, it will become easier to deal with. All through scriptures and even in our contemporary days, great destinies will always attract great resistance.

Thieves don’t break into empty houses, they always target a place that has treasures. The enemy that is fighting you today is not because of what you have and what you’re doing, it’s about what you can do and what you can become.

The enemy sensed the great potential in Jephthah to become a judge and deliverer and started fighting him. It was not about today it was all about his future. The war against you is because of the future manifestation of your inheritance. You are loaded to the teeth and your glory is sending cold shivers down the spine of the devil. Hear this:

Matthew 2:2 “Saying Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”

Matthew 2:3 “When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him.”

The attack on Jesus and the pronouncement of Herod to kill all children of two years old and below was because of the star and glory of Jesus. The anger of the enemy against you is because of the possibilities loaded in you.

The enemy knows that Jephthah means break forth, unstoppable, deliverer and of course a “heap of testimony”! When you call yourself a born again Christian what the devil hears is Jephthah!

Therefore; tell yourself aloud that you are indeed Jephthah; you are victorious, you are breaking forth on every side, you will deliver your generation. You are wealthy, prosperous and living in soundness of mind and body.

Tell the enemy aloud that you have an inheritance in Christ and I will enjoy it!

Love you BiG

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