Judges 16:22 “Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven”

Judges 16:22 “But his hair, though cut off, began to grow again.” (MSG)

…From yesterday…

Friend, but your business though bankrupt, will flourish again. That your crumbling marriage will become a Garden of Eden once again. Your sadness is turning to joy. That your failing health on which medical science have given up will be restored.

That your career which the enemy has stopped will spring up again. Those missed chances and opportunities that have been hijacked by the enemy will be returned to you with interest!

You never say never to a believer, we are masters at rising from ashes. Old things always pass away and new things always start. All through the Bible we have examples of great comebacks and if you check well, you’ll see your own story there.

Abram the idol worshipper became Abraham the father of faith. Sarai the barren old woman staged a comeback and gave the world a son called Isaac. Jacob departed his father’s house with a staff and returned as one of the richest men of his generation.

Joseph the prisoner came back and ruled in a foreign land. The timid murderous Moses returned as a deliverer. Rahab the harlot didn’t die a prostitute, she bounced back and became one of the progenitors of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ruth the cursed Moabite widow didn’t die like that, she staged a comeback that the world can never recover from.

Time and space will fail me to tell you about Saul the murderer becoming Paul the Apostle. Peter the betrayer turning to Peter the Apostle and foundation of the church.

Friend, the bounce back anointing is still available. Stop flogging yourself; allow your hair to grow again. Renewal of strength is part of our salvation package.

My charge to you this morning is that; you’re not at a dead end. That end the enemy is showing you is been converted to a bend right now. God is changing that full stop to a comma!

Beloved, reading this piece this morning means you’re still alive! I have news for you; your hair will grow again!

Love you BiG

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