Judges 16:17 “That he told her all his heart, and said unto her, There hath not come a razor upon mine head; for I have been a Nazarite unto God from my mother’s womb: if I be shaven then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak and be like any other man.”

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Even though we have authority in Christ, there are restrictions that helps to keep it in check, tamed, potent and totally reliant on God and attuned with His will.

Apostle Paul knew this for a truth that’s why he said:

1Corinthians 10:23 “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.”

1Corinthians 6:12 “Some of you say, “We can do anything we want to.” But I tell you that not everything is good for us. So I refuse to let anything have power over me.”

1Corinthians 6:13 “You also say, “Food is meant for our bodies, and our bodies are meant for food.” But I tell you that God will destroy them both. We are not supposed to do indecent things with our bodies. We are to use them for the Lord who is in charge of our bodies.” (CEV)

Our authority as believers is not meant to be abused. Restrictions are placed upon us to always keep us dependent on God and keeping our will in alignment with His own. That is the secret of the believer’s power!

In order for the Nazarite to keep his power potent and always in check, God places restrictions on him. That was why certain conditions have to be met by the Nazarite.

I also want you to know that we are New Testament Nazarites and these same conditions apply to us as well. So it becomes sacrosanct for us to understand them as well.

Here are the restrictions placed on a Nazarite:

Judges 13:4 “Now therefor’e beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing:

To be continued…

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