2 Samuel 23:16 “And the three mighty men brake through the host of the Philistines, and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem, that [was] by the gate, and took [it], and brought [it] to David: nevertheless he would not drink thereof, but poured it out unto the LORD.”

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The dictionary defines breakthrough as advancing through and past enemy lines. It also defines it as any major progress; such as a great innovation or discovery that overcomes a significant obstacle.

There is no great man in history who did not overcome a significant obstacle. Any treasure you see on the surface is of a cheap stuff. The expensive ones are buried deep down within the earth. If you must make impact on earth and have a name among the mighty, then you must be ready to contend. Contenders are winners.

Those three mighty men knew what they were getting into when they headed for Bethlehem. They left the comfort of their camp, their friends, fellow soldiers who can easily help them and the chief warrior David himself.

Friend, your boss has made a name for himself and conquer his own battles, if you must arrive at your own destination, start fighting the battles that will give you relevance.

Contend with the strongholds of sin, mediocrity, timidity, discouragement and other such vices that is limiting you. Contend with the forces of barrenness, prayerlessness, laziness in place of studying the word and so on.

Your pastor can pray with you but will not study the word and meditate on relevant scriptures for you. Jesus told Peter to go fish and remove coin from the mouth of the fish. He didn’t go fishing for him.

Christ won battles of life and declared us winners but we must contend for it! We must take our fight to the zone we want to conquer and contend.

Every footballer knows he must enter the enemy’s half of the field and score goals else he can’t win!

Beloved, rise and breakthrough the enemy’s camp and take whatever you want. When you don’t engage the enemy, you cannot enjoy Christ’s magnanimous victory which he wrought on our behalf!

Love you BiG

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