Genesis 26:26 “Then Abimelech went to him from Gerar, and Ahuzzath one of his friends, and Phichol the chief captain of his army.”

Genesis 26:27 “And Isaac said unto them, Wherefore come ye to me, seeing ye hate me, and have sent me away from you?”

Genesis 26:28 “And they said We saw certainly that the LORD was with thee: and we said Let there be now an oath betwixt us, even betwixt us and thee, and let us make a covenant with thee;”

Friend, as we begin to round up this meditation, I have news for you: Abimelech is coming! Yes, those that terrorize you, intimidate you and plotted against you, will come calling and begging for your favour.

I make bold to tell you by the authority in the name of Jesus that the table is turning. Things are changing positively in your favour. Power is changing hands. Your head is lifted far above their heads in Jesus name.

Nations will come bowing before you, great men and nobles will covet your favour. They will see and know for sure that indeed God is with you and for you.

At the beginning of this meditation, we saw that there was famine in the land and Isaac ran to Abimelech for help:

Genesis 26:1 “And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham. AND ISAAC WENT UNTO ABIMELECH KING OF THE PHILISTINES UNTO GERAR.”

Guess what? In the course of time and by the intervention of heaven, Isaac began to help his helpers! Beloved, those people that have lord it over you will soon become your subjects, because God is with you! I say it once again, the table is turning in your favour!

Genesis 26:28 “And they said We saw certainly that the LORD was with thee…”

Your union with God is translating into jaw dropping testimonies. Mark you, Abimelech was not just king but also the president of a nation, while Phichol was the commander of his army.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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