Genesis 26:13 “And the man waxed great and went forward and grew until he became very great”

God is not stagnant, everything about Him has to do with motion and progress. The first time His Spirit was introduced to us He was moving.

Genesis 1:2 “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And THE SPIRIT OF GOD MOVED upon the face of the waters.”

He is a God on the move, stagnancy is alien to Him. Likewise He want each and every one of us to be on the move. It is His delight that we make progress daily.

The famine didn’t just end in the life of Isaac, the Bible says he become great, went forward and grew to become very great. In the midst of the famine Isaac made progress.

A man of God said; “If you grow up, you stay up but if you jump up you’ll come down”. Growth is a design of God, it doesn’t matter where you start from in life and destiny, if you can follow the growth process, you’re on your way to greatness.

The problem of many people is that they want to jump to greatness bypassing the growth process. Growth is defined as the process of becoming larger and more mature through development or an increase in numbers, size, power, or intensity following process.

Growth follows a process which makes it different from magic. Enduring wealth is built gradually over a process of time. Isaac grew into greatness, he followed process. The Bible is filled with stories of people who didn’t want to grow into greatness but wanted arriving there overnight.

One of the popular ones is that of Gehazi. He wanted arriving at the place of wealth suddenly but ended up with the leprosy of Naaman.

2Kings 5:21 “So Gehazi followed after Naaman. And when Naaman saw him running after him, he lighted down from the chariot to meet him, and said Is all well?”

To be continued…

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