1Samuel 17:40 “And he took his staff in his hand…”

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Moses has been moving around for several years with his staff so he comfortably answered God but what happened next probably threw him off balance. It was glaring from his actions and reactions:

Exodus 4:3 “”Throw it on the ground.” He threw it. It became a snake; Moses jumped back–fast!”

Exodus 4:4 “GOD said to Moses, “Reach out and grab it by the tail.” He reached out and grabbed it–and he was holding his staff again.” (MSG)

God asked Moses to throw down his staff and the same staff he has been carrying around for years became a snake. The Bible says, Moses jumped back–fast!”

Friend, if you allow God reveal to you your staff, you will jump back too. Many people have this challenge just like Moses. We go about with our staff, yet poor, oppressed, sick, confused, bound and stagnant while the instrument of our liberation remain dormant in our hands! The starting point of your progress and success in life is knowing all you need to know about your staff.

After discovering your staff, the next most important thing to do is to engage it. This is another major challenge people have with their staff:

1Samuel 17:40 “And he took his staff in his hand…”

Many people never did what David did with his staff. The bible says he took the staff in his hand! Your ability to put the staff in your hand is what releases the potential locked up within it.

Your hand represents functionality. Your hand is used for working, carrying and lifting things. Many people don’t put their staff in their hand and as a result fail woefully with all their potentials. Hear this:

Proverbs 12:24 “The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.”

Pro 12:24 “The diligent hand will rule, but laziness will lead to forced labor.”(HCSB)

Beloved, now that you know you have a staff, put it in your hand and get busy!

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