1Samuel 17:32 “And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.”

Every team that is doing well in every sport have the people that are called the game changer. These are the folks that can turn a game on its head. They can rescue their team from the brinks of defeat into victory.

They are the powerhouse and intelligence center of the team. They carry an aura about them that just makes them invincible. We all need these folks in our lives and we must recognize them and accord them that honour.

The world is better place for us all today because some game changers came as at when due. Such a game changer is our Lord, Saviour and Master Jesus Christ. He is perhaps the greatest game changer of all time.

He entered the world when it seems the devil was having a field day and getting people into Hell unchallenged. The whole world was a mess and in tatters. Sin, sickness, poverty, lack and want seems to be the other of the day.

Man was on a fast lane to Hell and non can help until Jesus Christ, our Game Changer entered the planet. He abolished the old order and set up a new one. He changed the game from Hell to Heaven, he altered time and the direction of mankind. Mere looking at the date shows to anyone that a game changer once entered this planet.

He divided our date structure into BC (Before Christ) and AD (After his Death). He has written his name on the sand of time and it can never be erased. Only a fool doubts his efficacy and authenticity.

David was such a game changer as well. He stepped onto the battlefield on that faithful day and Goliath had to submit his head to him!

Game changers are courageous, skillful, audacious and never gives in to the threats of the enemy.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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