1Samuel 17:15 “But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem.”

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Even though we were not told specifically when he slew the lion and the bear, I am of the school of thought that believe it was when he stopped following Saul and went to take care of his father’s sheep in Bethlehem (1Samuel 17:15).

I believe David at this junction did what his Son Jesus Christ will come and do centuries later. Hear this:

Luke 2:49 “And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?”

David didn’t follow Saul and his brothers to battle, but he immediately went after his father’s business.

Here is the gist; it is your father’s business that is your ladder to the top. Your Father in this context, just as Jesus came to show us is God Almighty, who of course operates through earthly fathers and mentors.

Friend, while others were running to the battle field, David ran to the place of training. He knew that hanging around the Father will announce him in due course. Once, the Father certify you ready, He knows how to bring you to the scene and announce you.

God does not take unprepared men to the place of manifestation. Don’t run ahead of your time. My spiritual father said to me, “Don’t seek to be noticed and don’t announce yourself, wait to be discovered!”

Jesus sat in the temple with the leaders of the law and doctors:

Luke 2:46 “And it came to pass that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions”

He was asking them questions, learning and soaking in answers. Put another way, he was killing his lion and bear. That was why it was impossible for Jesus to fail when he got to the place of manifestation.

To be continued…

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