1Samuel 17:4 “And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.”

1Samuel 17:5 “And he had an helmet of brass upon his head, and he was armed with a coat of mail; and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass.”

1Samuel 17:7 “And the staff of his spear was like a weaver’s beam; and his spear’s head weighed six hundred shekels of iron: and one bearing a shield went before him.”

One of the main reasons we lose to the enemy is because we always magnify him. I’ve since discovered that many believers know so much about their challenges than about God. The reason why many people easily fall prey to the devil is because of their knowledge of him.

In our focal scripture, we were given a vivid description of Goliath and I want to believe that if peradventure he is still alive and we meet him, we will recognize him without difficulty. I know that even in our contemporary world when you see a very tall and huge man, we unconsciously call him Goliath!

We do this because of the description of Goliath that has been registered in our brain. The irony of this is that the devil always come at us using this same method. We have seen and heard so much in the social media about several things that we believe them more than God.

If for example somebody was diagnosed with cancer, what naturally come to mind is death. It’s as if nobody has ever survived it. The disease suddenly take the form of Goliath in our mind and we surrender to the enemy without a fight.

Many of us blame King Saul, Eliab and the other soldiers for not confronting Goliath allowing a little boy to do the job, but the truth is that many believers run away from similar “Goliaths” daily without thinking.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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