Luke 7:15 “And he that was dead sat up and began to speak And he delivered him to his mother.”

In what I will call the last lap of the miracle, Jesus delivered the young man to his mother as soon as he arose from dead and started speaking. When Jesus confirmed that everything was okay, he went ahead and delivered the “miracle” to the widow woman.

In order words, there was a restoration. Jesus didn’t deliver half a miracle or an almost complete miracle to the woman, he gave her a complete miracle. He finished what he started.

Friend, I have this assurance, whatever has been lost in your life will be restored back in multiple folds. That good stuff you’ve considered dead and forgotten is coming back to life today, and not only that it will be delivered to you.

Beloved, Jesus won’t allow your miracle to roam about, he’ll make sure it get to your hand. Jesus will not stop until he hands over all you need to you. Until what you desire is delivered to you, Jesus will remain on your case!

Jesus is in the habit of delivering things:

Luke 9:42 “And as he was yet a coming the devil threw him down and tare him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and DELIVERED HIM again to his father.”

He did same for this man whose son was possessed by the devil, guess what? He’ll do same for you. Quit struggling, allow Jesus take charge while you sit back and receive the deliveries.

Why do you think Jesus can deliver things to us?

Luke 10:22 “ALL THINGS ARE DELIVERED TO ME of my Father…”

It’s simple, Jesus can deliver things to us because everything has been delivered to him! Whatever you’re looking for is in Jesus’ hand, be it; healing, success, life, wisdom and prosperity.

That makes our assignment very easy; simply develop a relationship with Jesus and he’ll deliver whatever you crave for to you on a platter of gold.

Receive your deliveries in Jesus name!

Love you BiG

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