Luke 7:14 “And he came and touched the bier: and they that bare him stood still And he said Young man, I say unto thee, Arise”

In our focal scripture, Jesus moved close to the bier or coffin and touched it and the people who were carrying it stood still. Notice carefully that he didn’t instruct them, he simply touched the bier and they stood still.

There are things in our lives that needs a touch of the anointing for them to respond. If Jesus had not touched that bier, those guys would have carried the dead man to the grave and buried him.

When they left the city with the dead man, they had an agenda which was to go bury him. There was a plan to finally lay him to rest in a grave, wave him bye, cover him up by pouring sand, cement the grave and go back home.

After the burial, the young man’s grave will become only a memory to his mother and people that know him. The best will be to go drop flowers there once in a while. That grave will also become a place of sadness for his beloved mother.

The plan and agenda for his burial was already concluded. We didn’t know when he died exactly, it could have been some days back or that very day but he had been prepared for burial. An end has come to his destiny, his race was over as far as the enemy and men were concerned.

His case has been decided and closed but then something drastic and dramatic happened; heaven stepped in! There was a divine intervention and interruption in the plans of men and the devil.

Jesus brought the divine agenda into the scenario and the dynamics of the process changed! A new order stepped in, the old plan was aborted. The burial program was turned into a thanksgiving and worship service.

The “Christian Wake” service became a testimony and jubilation party. Death gave way to life, darkness became light, night became day.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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