Luke 7:4 “And when they came to Jesus, they besought him instantly, saying That he was worthy for whom he should do this:”

Luke 7:5 “For he loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue.”

Luke 7:6 “Then Jesus went with them…”

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Friend, Cornelius got more than just healing for one of his servants, he got his entire household saved!

You cannot be a builder for God and not attract His attention. You cannot build the house of God and He will leave your own house abandoned, wrecked or unbuilt!

We can see clearly from our focal scripture that the centurion is indeed a builder of not just physical buildings but of lives as well. Despite having other soldiers, he went all out to restore this particular servant back to life; that is building a life.

We are all called to build in different capacities, as a house wife for example:

Proverbs 14:1 “Every wise woman buildeth her house…”

Nehemiah was a builder as well, and we are all employed to arise and build.

Nehemiah 2:18 “…And they said LET US RISE UP AND BUILD So they strengthened their hands for this good work.”

When you decide to be a builder, opposition will arise but don’t give up. Keep at it.

Nehemiah 2:19 “But when Sanballat the Horonite, and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, and Geshem the Arabian, heard it, they laughed us to scorn and despised us, and said What is this thing that ye do…”

You must learn to ignore the Sanballat and Tobiahs of this world and keep your gaze on what you’re building. Build lives, build businesses, build homes, and above all be a part of building the Kingdom of God here on earth!

The Bible says, the centurion “…loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue. Then Jesus went with them…” (Luke 7:5,6). Immediately they told Jesus he was a builder, he went with them. Builders always move heaven!

Building qualified the centurion, are you a builder or a destroyer of buildings?

Love you BiG

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