Luke 7:4 “And when they came to Jesus, they besought him instantly, saying That he was worthy for whom he should do this:”

Luke 7:4 “When they reached Jesus, they pleaded with Him earnestly, saying, “He is worthy for You to grant this”(HCSB)

In previous meditations, we discussed about “Precious things” and we dealt with the issue of being positioned or qualified to receive blessings from the Lord. We discovered that the servant was very “dear” to the centurion and for that reason he approached the elders.

The servant was well positioned to receive the love of his master the centurion, but today we see another dimension to that. The centurion himself moving the elders of the Jews.

Friend, when the Holy Spirit approaches heaven on your behalf what argument would He put up? When your boss at work take your case to the management promotion committee, what will be the basis for recommending you for promotion ahead of your other colleagues?

I once heard of the testimony of a prominent pastor, who had a very serious sick member. This particular member had a problem with her liver. Several people prayed for the healing of this woman including the pastor but she was not getting better.

This woman single handedly sponsors their church outreaches and was very committed. When she was not getting better, the pastor went on a long prayer and fasting session and as he was about rounding up, he prayed this strange prayer, “Lord, kindly take my liver and give to this woman, she is a great giver who supports your work here on earth, we don’t have many great givers like her but we have many pastors who can preach well.”

It was indeed a strange prayer, and the pastor prepared himself to die! But to the surprise of everybody, the woman who had been bed ridden and very sickly started getting well; that same day she sat up after several months and within days she was fully healed.

Doctors checked her and discovered she had a brand new liver!

To be continued…

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