Exodus 17:10 “So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek: and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill.”

I’ve understudied some successful men both in the bible and in our contemporary days and discovered that one of the secrets of their success is their company.

Understand that the word company is not just talking about a business empire, as a matter of fact it is a derivative of the word companions. It simply means the people we associate with or a group of people providing a particular type of companionship.

In our focal scripture, we were made to understand that Moses went up to the top of the hill with Aaron and Hur. He could have chosen out of the over six hundred thousand men with him but he carefully selected these two men. Those men formed his company.

We can easily think and conclude that he went with Aaron because they are brothers, but it’s deeper than that. The name Aaron means “light bringer”. In order words, Aaron means one who brings or shed light. A man of insight and revelation! Light means revelation.

You need somebody like this around you. Men of wisdom and intelligence. Somebody that can help you through dark moments and tunnels on the road of destiny. Such was Aaron to Moses. Your Aaron is a man that will never be tired of inspiring you even when everyone turn back.

Can you imagine Moses going to face Pharaoh alone? Moses went to Pharaoh over ten times and Aaron was with him on all occasion, that’s a light bringer for you. You need men that can see what you’re not seeing. Never travel the journey of life without an Aaron in your company.

I want you to also know that as a believer our Number One Aaron or Light Bringer is the Holy Spirit.

John 16:14 “He will honor and glorify Me, because He will take of (receive, draw upon) what is Mine and will reveal (declare, disclose, transmit) it to you.” (AMP)

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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