Exodus 17:09 “And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us out men, and go out


ght with Amalek: to morrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand.”

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Beloved, you may never know yourself until your enemies show up. The Late Kenneth E. Hagins of blessed memory was so sick that doctors told him he will not live to see his sixteenth birthday. Little did they know the sicknesses in his body was organized to reveal the healing, faith and prophetic anointing upon his life.

In case you’re complaining and wondering why it seems as if the whole world is about to collapse on your head; I want you to relax and carefully consider the situation, because it could be that there is a divine announcement around the corner.

Don’t behave like David’s elder brother, Eliab and others who didn’t see Goliath as an opportunity to stake a claim at the throne, neither like King Saul who lost his throne because an enemy showed up. I employ you to be like Joshua and David who used the enemy as a stepping stone to write their names on the sand of time.

Joshua may have been practicing secretly and building his muscles but he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to use it if the Amalekites didn’t engage them in battle.

Friend, there is no useless person in life and destiny. God created every one of us with potentials and exceptional gifts. Perhaps you’re redundant because you
didn’t engage your enemies. Joshua didn’t fret or fear, he instantly got ready for the assignment.

There was “fight” inside Joshua waiting for the “Amalekites” all the while they were in Egypt but the warrior in him requires the right kind of enemy for manifestation.

There was interpretation of dreams inside Joseph even though in prison and in obscurity but it took the enemy in the form of a worrisome dream of Pharaoh to bring it out. You will never leave the prison of life and obscurity until you engage the enemy.

Love you BiG

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