Job 18:10 “The snare is laid for him in the ground, and a trap for him in the way.”

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.” (GNT)

…From yesterday…

The truth is that they saw all the dangers and the giants but they refused to pay attention to the obstacles but rather focus on the beauty of the land and their own portion.

One great thing about a compelling vision is that it helps us defile all odds and maintain focus. Caleb didn’t just pick the fruits of the land, he chose a wonderful place for himself. He was a forty year old man at the time but in the passage above he was already eighty five and both his vision, body and strength were still intact.

This is what a compelling vision does to a man. Mediocrity runs away from a man of vision. How compelling is your vision?

To fight mediocrity, another thing you need to do is to get away from the crowd. If you tag along with the majority you become like them. The most crowded place is usually the company of average people.

Hear this:

Numbers 14:20 “And the LORD said…”

Numbers 14:24 “But my servant Caleb, because he had ANOTHER SPIRIT with him, and hath followed me fully him will I bring into the land whereinto he went and his seed shall possess it.”

The above statement was made by God Almighty so it was definitely not a demonic spirit that was upon Caleb. What God was simply saying was that Caleb chose to be different. The Hebrew word used for “another” simply means to “continue beyond or differ”.

So, it was not as if Caleb got possessed with a strange spirit, he simply chose to be different from his contemporaries. To be different is to choose to be distinct; separate from another or others. To become unusual; contrary to norms, general opinions or expectations.

To be continued…

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