Matthew 14:32 “And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.”

It is interesting to note that after Jesus rescued Peter, they both walked back to the ship. Here is what caught my attention, as soon as they entered into the ship, the wind ceased.

Why did the wind wait for them to enter back into the ship before it ceased? The wind ceased because they conquered it. We discovered earlier that the wind was the source of the challenges they were facing at sea so when they finally conquered the wind, it stopped.

Here is the gist, the word “ceased” as used here simply means to grow weary or tired, or to stop raging.

The wind didn’t just stop, it got weary and tired! Put another way, Jesus and Peter wore out the opposition. Until you develop tenacity and the ruggedness required to crush your enemy it will keep coming at you.

Peter was afraid, he sank but he never gave up, he kept walking. The raging of the wind couldn’t deter him from walking.

The boisterous wind did all it could but their willingness to keep on walking forced the wind into submission. The reason why many people lose battles is their inability to hold on.

The enemy is merely a toothless bull dog. It can harass and intimidate but that’s about all, it cannot bite. All his raging is just an empty threat.

The enemy cannot touch you because Jesus is with you. As long as you keep company with Jesus you are safe. Build tenacity into your believe system, it’s just a matter of time, you will weary out the opposition.

Friend, the winds and storms of life will surely come. They came at Jesus and Peter. They didn’t say Jesus was God, so expect them. They will throw doubt at you; they will even try to drown you but refuse to take your attention away from Christ.

Keep believing, keep fasting, keep praying and keep on confessing the word, the enemy will eventually “cease”.

Wear out your opposition

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