Deal with the root-1

Deal with the root-1
Matthew 14:24 “But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.”

Matthew 14:24 “But the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary.” (NKJV)

In today’s meditation I want us to consider yet another demonic battle strategy. The devil also uses this strategy against us and many people fail when such attacks are launched against them.

In this attack, the devil carefully conceals the source of the attack. He makes sure we are on a wild-goose chase, while he sits laughing and enjoying the “show”.

If you look critically at our focal scripture you’ll discover that the ship was been tossed by the waves and it is very easy to conclude that the waves want to capsize the ship. Perhaps they were praying and binding the waves; maybe trying to even pour away the water that was deposited into the ship. But the truth is that the situation refused to change.

The situation didn’t change because the waves and the water that is now accumulating in the ship are just effects of the problem not the root cause. The root of their problem was this: “for the wind was contrary.”

All along the challenge has been caused by the contrary wind. Friend, I want you to glean wisdom from here. That man attacking you in the office might not be your problem, your problem might be that your close friend who has been divulging your secrets to him. It is said that if there is no enemy within, the one without will be helpless.

Many times what we call the problem is not the problem. What we see most times are resultant effects of the problem, while the root cause remains hidden. I’ve seen many people treating the leaves and branches of a problem while the root remains intact.

Beloved, it is high time you face the root and neglect the leaves. Once the root is handled, the leaves will naturally die off.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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