Become your all-5

Become your all-5
Job 37:6 “He says to the snow,’Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower,’Be a mighty downpour.'”(NIV)

Job 37:6 “He orders the snow, ‘Blanket the earth!’ and the rain, ‘Soak the whole countryside!'”(MSG)

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Joshua was to finish the assignment of Moses by dividing the whole land of Canaan to the children of Israel; he eventually divided some but not all. He showed us showers but kept back the mighty downpour, he died when there was still more lands to conquer!

Joshua 13:1 “Now Joshua was old [and] stricken in years; and the LORD said unto him, Thou art old [and] stricken in years, and there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed.”

Don’t die when God still needs you to do exploits for Him. The best way to die is like Jesus and Paul. Jesus said:

John 19:30 “…It is finished! And He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.”

Paul also said:

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought a good fight, I have finished [my] course, I have kept the faith:”

Jesus and Paul became their all, they used up every potential God kept in them and they boldly said, “It is finished”. There is nothing more to offer.

They started as showers but ended up as mighty downpours and the world is yet to recover from their impacts. That is how to die! When you get to heaven, you should be able to tell God that you’ve returned with not just hundred percent, but a thousand!

Proverbs 4:18 “But the path of the just [is] as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”

Proverbs 4:18 “The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine.”(MSG)

God is a God of progress, he want you to keep getting better and better as long as you live, till you become your all!

Next time you hear of heavy rainfall, don’t blame the rain, it’s just obeying God and also reminding you and I that we must do same, Selah!

Love you BiG

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