​Become your all-1

​Become your all-1

Job 37:6 “He says to the snow,’Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower,’Be a mighty downpour.'”(NIV)

Job 37:6 “He orders the snow, ‘Blanket the earth!’ and the rain, ‘Soak the whole countryside!'”(MSG)

This piece is a challenge and an encouragement to us all. I’ve prayed this scripture severally since the Holy Spirit gave me the revelation.

In our focal scripture, God used some very strong words which set me thinking about my own life. It’s a personal challenge and I think we all need to take it as such. 

God didn’t just instruct the snow and rain, he gave them strict instructions or an order. An order they can’t refuse, and if He said it to them, He is saying it to us as well.

He instructed the snow to blanket the earth, and the rain shower to become a mighty downpour. Here is the gist; God was simply telling these two wonders of nature to grow up and become their all.

He didn’t just instruct the snow to fall at some locations, He asked it to fall everywhere on earth. He also told the rain shower to grow up and move from “shower” to ‘mighty downpour”.

Here is the challenge; God was simply telling them to become their very best and telling us through this meditation to do same.

God is saying to the business man, “Move from servicing ten clients to having clients all over the world.” He’s saying to the student, “Move from average to excellent.”

He’s saying to the writer, “Go produce a Bestseller”. To the pastor, “Preach a message that will be heard all over the world”. To the leader, “Increase your influence”. 

Friend, if there is anything God want from us, it is IMPACT! If you live your life without making impact and controlling your sphere of influence, you’re simply living below God’s expectation of you. It will be unwise to pass through this planet and nobody felt your passage.

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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