​The difference maker-2

​The difference maker-2

John 9:8 “The neighbours therefore, and they which before had seen him that he was blind, said, Is not this he that sat and begged?”

John 9:9 “Some said, This is he: others [said], He is like him: [but] he said, I am [he].”

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The question is: What was the difference between the blind man that sat begging at the beginning of this story and the man that was seeing and moving about unaided as the story rounds up?

What turned a beggar to a generational wonder?

The difference is simple; JESUS! Jesus was the difference maker in the life of this man. Hear him:

John 9:10 “Therefore said they unto him, How were thine eyes opened?”

John 9:11 “He answered and said, A man that is called JESUS made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, Go to the pool of Siloam, and wash: and I went and washed, and I received sight.”

They seem to ask him the secret of his success and he simply told them, a man called Jesus! The difference between blindness and sight is JESUS. 

The difference between darkness and light is JESUS. The difference between poverty and wealth is JESUS. The difference between where you are and where you needed to be is JESUS. The difference between dreams and it’s manifestation is JESUS.

If you check out different turn around stories in the Bible, you’ll discover JESUS was the Difference Maker. He stepped into the empty boat of Peter, the boat became filled with fishes. He stepped into the wedding at Cana of Galilee, abundance replaced lack.

He stepped into the sorrowful home of Lazarus and the dead came back to life, sorrow turned to joy. 

Beloved, let JESUS step into your matter in the year 2018. You may know him and be born again but I want you to surrender your all to him. 

Allow him to enter every compartment and department of your life and make you a wonder of many generations. Let him turn your story to glory!

Love you BiG

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